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Background Checks & Employee Screening

Due diligence-the first step in protection

Employers – We are FCRA Compliant!

Tenant Screening – We are HUD Reg.24CFR Compliant &

FEHA California Fair Employment and Housing Compliant

Bail Bond Agencies – We are DOI Compliant!

Dispensaries We are Prop. 64 Compliant!

Atlas Investigations performs hundreds of backgrounds checks each year for the corporate, businesses, rental housing and legal communities. Background checks and screening tailored for employment, business relationships, or as required for specific industries by government regulations; verifiable background details related to persons, business entities, events and assets.

Proper Background Checks 

Employment Statistics & Negligent Hiring


As a licensed information specialist that is consistently relied upon for evidence documentation and expert witness testimony, we strongly caution users of on line background check and criminal records services. These resale broker sites rely on information from other resale brokers. None of the information they obtain and resale to the public is verifiable, nor can it be considered accurate. Their business practices are not recognized in court proceedings and therefore, these brokers do not make themselves available to your legal defense in the event that their data is called in to question in any legal proceeding which may result in employment malpractice, wrongful termination or discrimination.

Atlas Investigations specializes in the access and research of accurate and verifiable information extracted directly from the records source of information. As a licensed Investigative Firm we meed all federal, state, and local government regulations. We are available to appear and attest to the accuracy of these methods, removing liability from our clients in any legal proceeding related to our background investigations.